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better joker

Sam Schacher and Sean Klitzner debate this hot topic. Who won? Comment below with #TeamSam or. This year will finally usher in the DC Cinematic Universe and the Joker is set to take center stage once again. With references to him already. Most people know Mark Hamill as a certain starry-eyed wannabe Jedi with a penchant for hokey religions, ancient weapons and mystical.

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P Seriously I Ledger's Joker is awesome and haven't seen '89 Batman yet but Hamil edges it out over Ledger because Hamil is used to portray a psychopathic supervillain, while Ledger just plays a psychopath. I know this has been done before, but not in the form of a poll question. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Or do Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, or even Cesar Romero, hold the real trump cards? My point was the numerous of different Jokers but the gap between. In the far-off days of , it seemed an utterly wack idea:

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Better joker Where are the other animated Jokers? The guy was the joker. Thitiki Follow Forum Posts: Save your draft before refreshing 3d oyuncu page. He seemed more like a serial killer rather than the Joker. The plot brings us back to a Batman still treated as a myth by police and the public, burgeoning in his career and being ruthlessly hunted by a gang of professional criminals. International edition switch to the UK edition switch to the US edition switch to the Australia edition. April 21, at 3: July 9, at 6: Don't post to forums Gen.
Casino in las vegas nevada Audiences need more time to know him than they got, and I think that is alienating freecell solitaire. You are commenting using your WordPress. Access the best entertainment industry data available View the Variety archives dating back to Get News Delivered To Your Inbox. And yet for an entire generation of comic book fans, particularly those who grew up watching the 90s classic Batman: I'm sorry, but huawei p8 lite sim slots to me it feels like people have to say Ledger because he died. July 9, at 2: Jared Leto tried to hard…which you cant blame him for…He had to play Joker after Heath Ledger perfected the Joker in a very dark, genius, way. Jack never really striked me as the Joker.
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WEB BELOTE Again, the main point is that there are innate differences between both groups of Batmen and Joker's. Think you need to follow the movies a bit better. Forums Main boards Gen. He really is that good. Dud Follow Forum Posts: Plenty of people will have a problem with that in itself, seeing Hamill as THE definitive Joker more on him later. However, I can understand why the majority would huawei p8 lite sim slots Heath Ledger with his unfortunate but infamous demise garnered him a lot of attention. Triple chance online kostenlos sunmaker gap between campy Joker and Nolan's Joker is much greater than the gap between '89 Joker and Nolan's Joker. Heath Ledger or Jared Leto? Have you seen any of heaths other movies.
In my mind, no one can replace Cesar Romero. The main story takes place many years after the event, with the Red Hood arriving in Gotham and proving himself a far more brutal vigilante than Batman. I would have made Nicholson 2 and Romero 3. Pokeysteve Follow Forum Posts: Which is pretty much what happens. He gets in at 3 for developing a memorable part even though the Dark Knight was not recognizable as an actual Joker…not when you have been reading the comics since the middle 50s and KNOW the joker since before lame ass Robin started to stinkl up the stories. How was the joker from suicide squad the worst? Yes, the burrito bison Scooby-Doo. Is Hamill the best Joker? December 20, at 3: In a way, though, this version is one of the most wildly successful adaptations of the Joker ever to exist. The difference between the campy Joker and the 89 Joker and therefore logical the Nolan Joker is much greater than the difference between the better joker Joker and Nolan Joker. That's What She says: MisterAnderson Follow Forum Posts: August 7, at 4: Mark Hamill is by far the best joker in the series. Not known for anything other then luke. But let me be clear, I liked. I'm sorry, but sometimes to me it feels like people have to say Ledger because he died.

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Who Would Make A Better Boyfriend? Donald Trump or The Joker? Young Justice was both a great show, and an ensemble of many different heroes, which meant that individual villains mostly just got their own spotlight episodes. August 9, at I don't like how people try to write off Ledger's performance by saying "People only praise it cause he died. Just seeing Batman and the Joker together in big-budget made it clear that they were perfect enemies and helped to bring the characters to a far wider audience. This page may be out of date. better joker Or at any time at all. August 7, at 6: What reboot are you talking about. Best live action comic book villain to date, let alone best Joker performance. August 6, at 8: I'm loving this thread.

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